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because being spiritual is badass.


Taneal - Founder & CEO

Hey, I'm Taneal, AKA "Tenacious T." I'm a 15 year fitness, boxing & modeling professional who found my calling in igniting confidence & self-love in others. I chose to turn my pain into purpose. I'm a domestic violence survivor and one tough cookie!

I'm here to inspire and remind you of who you are; a divine queen worthy of anything. Even freedom from fear and finding balance in life. I'm so glad you found us!

With Gratitude,


Danielle - Co Founder & Designer

Hey Babes! So happy you're here.

I'm Danielle, I also go by Dani. I love empowering others and living a positive lifestyle. I wear my Confidence on my sleeve. Yes, some days are off, but I'm human and perfection doesn't exist.

I, as well as you - Continue to be a Badass with a Good Heart.

Grow & Glow Ladies!

With Love,


Amber - Co Founder & Designer

Hi, I'm Amber. I'm Strong, Fearless and willing to try anything for the sheer experience. I believe in standing up for what you believe in.

Family and Loyalty are important to me and if you're here with us, welcome to the tribe!

When alpha females work together, we can accomplish a lot. We can teach each other to hold our heads up and Power through anything!



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self love is your superpower