Why Change is Essential

Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s not.

 Life has a funny way of forcing us to change when we need to the most. It could prepare us for the next phase of life or teach us (or another person) an important lesson. Yet some of us keep trying to fight it like summer allergies. We keep building up a wall to block us from having to change and to avoid it at all costs. Each day we work hard to keep everything the same, so that it feels comforting and familiar to us. When things become new and uncomfortable, we start complaining about how things ‘used to be.’ 

Sure, you could live your whole life like that, but that would be a waste of a life. Not to mention, with technology booming and the way of life completely changing in the last couple of years, there is no way we can avoid it any longer. When you live in the past and anticipate the future, you forget about the most important moment, now

Despite how life is advertised, it’s not linear. You are not exactly ‘grown’ up at 18, or 25, nor 40 or even 50; you are constantly learning, changing, and growing. At 90 years old, you should still be learning new things.

The question is, are you truly in search of yourself and your purpose?

If you think life is more than working all day and just ‘getting by’ till you die, then you’re on the right track. The willingness to change is key if you want to experience more of what this life has to offer. But for anything outside of yourself to change, you must change first. Things don’t happen to you without first putting out the signal from your ‘inside’ that you want it. Call it your ‘feels,’ your ‘heart,’ or ‘aura.’ It’s where your energy resides. It's the tether that connects you to God, The Universe, or Source Energy.

If you feel that things could be better in your life, your habits need to change, your mindset needs to change, your way of living needs to change. You can spend all day dreaming about becoming someone, or you can decide you are going to do it anyway, then follow through. Ask yourself,” What would the best version of myself do? What would she say? How would she handle this?”

You may have seen or read ‘The Secret’ which explains the basics of the Law of Attraction, but it’s so much more than that. If you are constantly focused on all the things you don’t have, you’re surely pushing away all the things you truly want because you aren’t grateful or at peace with where you are now. When you focus on all that you already possess (home, food, family, love) you’re more likely to receive more of what makes you happy. But you need to take action for anything positive to manifest.

You can start with something small each day like positive affirmations, meditation for 10 minutes, thinking before you speak, exercising, enjoying nature, jotting down creative ideas, reading a book, taking a class, or saying hello to a new person.

Or you can work on something big in bite sized goals, such as putting yourself out there for a new job, starting a business, or going back to school to learn more about something you are naturally drawn to. Changing your mindset and habits could lead to an entirely different life.

Miracles happen each moment of the day and yet you think they are impossible? There is no such thing as, “That’s just the way it is.” You just don’t know your power yet. You have no idea what you are truly capable of because you’ve never tried to find out. Maybe you did, and you failed. That awkward feeling may have had you running back home to the comfort of your couch with some ice cream. That’s okay! The truth is, every successful person you see has failed more times than you have even tried.

Read that again.

So don’t be afraid to give it a shot, and if you fall; dust yourself off and keep going. Tenacity and belief in yourself and a higher power will always bring you back into alignment with your purpose. Ignore the haters and the naysayers because they are un-awakened to their own potential. Let them find their path on their own, and you stay on yours. If the people you surround yourself with are more negative than positive, then love them from afar.


Change can bring great healing from feelings you’ve had that aren’t so great. You can learn so much from painful moments after you let them go. It makes no sense to harbor negative emotions towards yourself or others. The only person hurting from holding on to them, is you. There is no need to punish yourself, hang onto guilt or shame, or relentlessly hate someone else. Letting go and changing your perception of a situation or relationship will bring you harmony and peace. It’s not up to you to judge others, change others if they aren’t ready, or punish anyone and take karma into your own hands. When you do, you are only feeding the darkness in yourself. Don’t feed the shadows, face them. Once you do, they'll disappear. Where there is light, there cannot be darkness. Shine light when you walk into the room; you have the power to change the whole vibe. Choose love over hate, kindness over bitterness and boundaries over drama.

Remember, you are one step away from living the life you deserve. It all starts with the willingness to embrace change and become someone kinder, more loving and confident.


Step One: Love Yourself

Step Two: Love Others

Step Three: Love Life


Ciao Bella!


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