Why Positive Self Talk Matters

You know what I’m talking about.

That little voice inside your head that hangs out with you in every waking hour. It says the things you don’t say aloud and can be totally savage. It can make you giggle, and it can also make you cry. It’s best to make friends with it, because it has more control over you than you realize. Despite our popular belief, it’s not actually our physical consciousness that moves us, it’s the subconscious. This is the one who makes all the decisions about what we do next. While your waking conscious is ‘driving’ the car, your subconscious is in the back seat telling it where to go. So, who’s really driving?

Your consciousness frequently reacts from fear, and its only concern is survival. Our reaction to outside stimuli is programmed in us, based on what we’ve learned about those kinds of situations growing up.

For example: We touched a hot stove top as a kid and it burned us, so we don’t do that ever again. Or we were cheated on by three ex-boyfriends, so we don’t trust anyone in the future that comes along, no matter the facts. But what happens when we learn to harness the power of the subconscious for our well-being? What if we reach back and knuckle bump and make friends with it? So that any decisions we make in the future come from a vibration of love, and you attract more of what you desire? The good news is you can.

What you feed your subconscious along your road trip matters. If you keep stopping for bad, negative, and low vibrational energy, then what do you think it’s going to happen? That’s right. You’ll live an unfulfilled and difficult life because your going against the grain of what is truly meant for your soul. It craves love and adventure! What do you think would happen if you fed it happy, healthy, and empowering energy? This all starts with your daily habits and over time, can change your entire life. Talking to yourself with kindness and compassion is key to building up a strong and positive subconscious. You can’t truly love anyone else the way you’d like to, if you don’t love yourself first. When you make choices along the ‘road’ of life, you will be more confident in making them when you know you can forgive yourself and let negativity go. The only difference between you and any extraordinary person you look up to is the belief in themselves and the relentless pursuit of self-growth. I’m not a fan of the words “self-help” as it implies there is a problem that needs fixing. Instead, I like to focus on self-love. Because when you love yourself unconditionally and focus on growth, there isn’t anything you can do that will knock you off your true path. We all stray away from time to time, but it’s about how many times you can come back to center yourself and remember how amazing you are.

You are … Unbreakable You are … Beautiful You are … Fearless You are … Ambitious

Tonight, before you sleep and after you wipe your makeup off, while you’re standing there looking at yourself… look into your own beautiful eyes and say, “You are perfect just the way you are. You are beautiful, intelligent, brave, and unstoppable. You are here to live my dreams.”

When you wake the next morning, look right at yourself again and say, “Good morning gorgeous! Today is going to be a great day! I’m worthy of abundance and joy.” That’s a start! Feel free to come up with your own mantras that mean the most to you. Begin doing this every day and watch how your perception of yourself and the world around you changes.

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